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No NFL Draft prospects tested positive for drugs at Combine

Statistical variation, or a sign that players are getting smarter? You make the call.

DE Randy Gregory failed a drug test at the Combine in 2015.
DE Randy Gregory failed a drug test at the Combine in 2015.
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, hundreds of prospects are invited to the NFL Scouting Combine to undergo a battery of tests, interviews, on-field workouts, and ridiculous questions asked by teams and media.

One other test that every prospect in attendance is forced to undergo is a drug test. Every player knows that it's coming, and every year, there are a few players who somehow test positive for drugs anyway.

Until this year, that is. Here's a report from ESPN's Adam Schefter:

This probably means very little - the bulk of draft prospects don't use illicit drugs, and those that do generally know enough to not use them in the lead-up to the biggest job interviews of their football careers. But every year it seems that there are one or two that can't seem to get away from them and who test positive anyway.

Maybe it's just statistical variation and that eventually there will be a year that this happens. Maybe players were actually smarter this year. Who knows what the reason is, but at least none of this year's Combine attendees will have to deal with the black mark of a failed Combine drug test affecting their Draft stock in 2016.