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Packers Draft Needs: Vote for your top 5 most critical positions in 2016 NFL Draft

APC needs your vote - which positions are Green Bay's biggest positions of concern this week?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

There are just over 48 hours to go until the 2016 NFL Draft begins, and we at Acme Packing Company are ready for the event to get underway. Discussion and debate is finally starting to wrap up, and teams' draft boards should be pretty much in their final states.

One exercise we have not yet performed, however, is taking a reader poll about what the Green Bay Packers' biggest positional needs are in the draft. Do you think that the defensive line is the most critical position for this year's crop? What about inside or outside linebacker? And how heavily do you weigh the offensive line's upcoming free agent group?

Without further ado, we present to you the 2016 APC Draft Needs Poll. Please submit your responses in the form below today and tomorrow, and we will report the results on Thursday morning. Remember to only vote for one position at each number.

If the embedded form does not work below, click here to access the form on a separate page.