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Packers Draft Press Conferences: Kenny Clark speaks about his selection in Round 1

The newest Packer spoke to the media on Thursday night following his selection by the Packers.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Kenny Clark is no longer a defensive tackle for UCLA - he is a Green Bay Packer, having been chosen with the 27th pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. Clark is clearly excited for the opportunity to be a Packer, and should bring a strong presence to the middle of the Packers' defensive line.

On the experience of hearing his name drafted:

Man, it was just so exciting. I had my whole family, basically my whole city out. Just being able to go to the Packers, it's a historic franchise, it was amazing and it's a wonderful feeling for me and my family. I'm in San Bernardino now.

On how he describes himself as a player:

I describe myself as physical. Physical and having a lot of power. I'm one of those gritty guys. I'm going to stand in there and be stout ... I believe in teamwork and I believe in leadership and that's the only way you can have a great team. I'm going to work hard and show the guys that I can do a lot on the field.

What position do you feel is your best?

I feel like I'm very versatile. I'll do whatever they ask me to do . Whether that's nose, 4i, 3, I'll do anything they ask me to do. I feel like I'm quick enough to do it.

How well do you know Datone Jones (former UCLA defensive lineman)?

I known Datone since i was getting recruited to UCLA. I've known Datone since the beginning of my senior year or junior year of high school. He just texted me right before this. He told me to relax, to calm down ... i just facetimed him a couple minutes ago. Brett (Hundley) called me also. Said there's a big season ahead of me and be ready to work.

How does your wrestling background help as a defensive lineman?

It factors in a lot. I wanna say just leverage, being able to feel people out ... feeling out people's power, their momentum, I think it's being able to bend and have leverage and another thing is that mentality, that attack mentality that you have to have.

Why did you choose to declare for the draft this year?

I think mentally I was just ready. I had two great football seasons at UCLA, I feel I excelled in the weight room ... I feel I was playing at a good speed. I felt I was just ready for the next level, just trying to bring in that mentality that I need to be better than the person that is across from me.

What will be your attitude coming in to Green Bay?

I'm just going to soak it all in. I'm going to sit back, be quiet, be humble. Packers organization is a great organization, they have great players. The best thing I can do is soak it all in ... and apply that to my game.

Why were you so much more successful rushing the passer your last year?

I think I had better use of hands my last year. I took more advantage of one-on-ones ... I studied offensive linemen and I studied protections a lot. That was one of my biggest gains for me, to understand pass-rush lanes.

How much contact did you have with the Packers?

I had an interview with the Packers at the Combine and that's all I remember. I didn't have a visit or a workout with the Packers.

Were you aware of the Packers' need on the line with B.J. Raji retiring and Mike Pennel on suspension?

I was aware of what happened and the situation but I still need to come in and work hard. I need to take advantage of the great players that are on the team, just soak in their leadership and how they play and play that style of defense.

What NFL players to you watch or model your game after?

The main two guys that I've been focusing on was Haloti Ngata and Geno Atkins. Those are my favorite two players in the league. They're two different players. Atkins and I are a lot alike, our body type ... I can see how Haloti Ngata plays with that power and that mentality he has. They're good off the field guys, they don't really say much, you don't hear nothing about them in the media, they're great.

Are you ready for the culture shock of living in Green Bay after living in Los Angeles?

Oh yeah, definitely. I'm a football player at the end of the day. WHether it's weather or wherever we live at, that doesn't matter. I'm going to bring the best Kenny Clark to the Green Bay Packers that I can. I'm going to work hard and do my job.