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Packers' Trevor Davis is an ideal boundary receiver: Q&A with California Golden Blogs

APC talked to the people who covered Green Bay's 5th-round pick in college, who say that Davis is a perfect fit at split end opposite .

California v Utah
Davis makes a catch against Utah.
Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

This week, Acme Packing Company got in touch with California Golden Blogs, the SB Nation site covering the University of California Golden Bears, to discuss the Green Bay Packers' fifth-round draft pick, Trevor Davis.

Davis was chosen with the 163rd overall selection in the 2016 NFL Draft. As a senior, Davis caught 40 passes for 672 yards (a 16.8-yard average) and two touchdowns with the first overall pick, Jared Goff, as his quarterback. We asked CGB contributors LeonPowe and Leland Wong about Davis' stats, his special teams ability, and much more. Our thanks go out to them for their great responses!

APC: Davis' numbers were good, but not great as a senior (40 catches, 672 yards, 2 touchdowns). Was this a function of any flaw in his game or a large group of receivers that Jared Goff had to throw to?

LP: A combination of some nagging injuries and a crowded wide receiver roster--Kenny Lawler, Maurice Harris, Darius Powe, Bryce Treggs, and Stephen Anderson are all on NFL rosters for the time being and that's not counting two more guys who are still in school who got targets, plus running backs like Daniel Lasco, Khalfani Muhammed and Tre Watson. That's a lot of targets for Goff.

LW: Definitely agree with Leon here--the biggest issue was that Goff had to spread the wealth among all of our great receivers. Champagne problems for Cal last year!

APC: Which receiver position (X,Z, slot) did Davis primarily play as a Golden Bear?

LW: Davis was one of our outside receivers; though Davis was officially listed as X receiver (split end) on depth charts, Cal often played with four-receiver sets and therefore both outside receivers would be on the line of scrimmage. Outside receiver was the perfect position for a player with Davis's blazing speed and I'm fairly certain you guys have some rando at quarterback who can uncork the perfect deep ball for this kind of speedster, right?

APC: Davis returned kicks at Cal, but can he contribute on special teams coverage units as well?

LP: A little bit of blasphemy but honestly I thought TD was merely good at KR not amazing. Of course we've had DeSean Jackson and Keenan Allen come through in recent years so maybe the bar for outstanding is really high. He's certainly got the speed to be a gunner or blocker or to return as well.

LW: I can't recall Davis being deployed much on coverage units for special teams, but with his speed, I think he could definitely get to the returner and at least make first contact while the rest of the team comes in to make the tackle.

APC: What can you tell us about the circumstances surrounding Davis' transfer to Cal from Hawaii?

LW: Without being able to speak to the guy, I think the transfer to Cal was a perfect homecoming for Davis. Davis is a California boy who committed to Hawaii for a chance to play for the team that turned out the #1 passing offense when Davis was a high school senior in 2010. However, Davis played his sophomore year in 2012 under a different head coach with a completely different offensive style: the pro-style. Transferring to Cal simply seemed to make perfect sense, where he could join offensive mastermind Sonny Dykes in his first year here, about a 30-minute drive away from where Davis went to high school. (As an aside, Davis also attributed the decision to come to Cal to the need to fight and compete for playtime and the best option to train him for the NFL--which worked out pretty well for him.)

APC: What do you know about Davis off the field?

Leland Wong: Davis never had an incident off-the-field in terms of bad behavior that I can recall and his Twitter timeline is filled with pictures of his family. He seems like a well-adjusted guy who just wants to work hard for success he has earned.