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Ted Thompson presser gets interrupted by PA announcement for a Gronkowski

The Green Bay GM got a little gleam in his eye after hearing who was responsible for a loud break in his press conference.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

During his NFL Combine press conference on Thursday morning, Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson was interrupted in amusing fashion. While in the middle of answering a question about the Packers' difficult playoff losses over the past few years, Thompson had to stop due to a PA announcement.

The announcement was to inform the media that Kansas State fullback Glenn Gronkowski (yes, the younger brother of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski) was being brought out for an interview. Thompson stopped speaking, and commented off-hand "Well, that's just rude."

However, when the announcement was repeated, Thompson appeared to process the name that was being announced and muttered "Gronk!" with a smirk that you can see here:

Thompson's press conference overall featured quite a bit of his trademark dry humor and unwillingness to reveal any inside information, but this should go down as another one of Thompson's best presser moments.