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Cheese Curds, 1/12: No underdog role for Packers; short week compresses game-planning

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Don't expect Mike McCarthy to play up the disrespect angle, despite the Packers being seven-point underdogs on Saturday.

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Though the Green Bay Packers have a short week as they prepare for their Divisional Round game in Arizona on Saturday night, the team can take solace in the fact that they do not necessarily need to spend as much time scouting their next opponent as usual. That's because the Cardinals have played just one game since their meeting with the Packers in week 16 - Seattle came into Arizona and blew out the Cards 36-6 in week 17.

Thus, instead of spending all week learning about the opposition's tendencies, the Packers already have most of that down and can focus on their own execution, gameplan, and attitude.

One piece that will not be part of that attitude, however, is an "us against the world" mentality that is often the hallmark of underdogs. No, Mike McCarthy does not subscribe to that thought process, and instead will take a confident team into Glendale on Saturday night.

Here's more on the Packers' preparations this week in your Tuesday cheese curds.

Packers' defense looking for more turnovers |
Though the Packers did get one big turnover against Washington, they had several other chances to take the ball away and failed. That will not be good enough against Arizona on Saturday.

Can Packers keep offense rolling in Arizona? |
Meanwhile, the offense must find a way to maintain the good line play that defined its resurgence on Sunday. Furthermore, Mike McCarthy says that there are plenty of facets to the game plan he installed for the first meeting against Arizona that were not used at all because the game got out of hand.

Mike McCarthy can't get himself to embrace role of underdog |
Some college coaches (Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, Mark Dantonio, and others) thrive when they can cultivate an underdog mentality in their team. McCarthy can't bring himself to look at things that way.

Insight shed into Aaron Rodgers' involvement in game planning |
It seems logical to think that Rodgers' expanded role coincided with McCarthy's retaking of the playcalling, though that has not been confirmed.

The Packers defense got just what it needed -

Here's a look at the Packers from a national perspective, and somehow there is a narrative that the Packers played poor defense down the stretch this season.