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Cheese Curds, 1/19: With free agency looming, Packers eye Matthews' return to OLB

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Green Bay is hoping to move its premier pass rusher back to that position full-time after a year and a half at inside linebacker.

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The only constant in the world is change, and that axiom rings true in the NFL as much as anywhere else. During this offseason, the Green Bay Packers will have 18 players hitting free agency, including a handful of pass-rush specialists.

With that in mind, the Packers' coaching staff is preparing to move one of its star players on defense back to the role where he has spent most of his career and been most comfortable. Of course, whether that move will take place must be dictated by the personnel moves that take place this offseason, but the message has been made clear to GM Ted Thompson and the personnel department that this is the coaching staff's preference.

Meanwhile, those free agents cleaned out their lockers on Monday and gave what might be their final interviews as a member of the Packers organization. Check out those items and more in today's curds.

Processing bitter endings never gets easier |
The Packers certainly aren't going to sign all 18 of their free agents this spring, so for a number of players, Monday was the last time they will be in the home locker room at Lambeau Field.

Green Bay Packers' Clay Matthews to return to outside linebacker - ESPN
At least, that's Mike McCarthy's plan. We'll see if personnel moves, the return of Sam Barrington from injury, and Jake Ryan's development will allow that to happen. At the same time, the Packers could suddenly be shorthanded on the edge, with Mike Neal and Nick Perry being among the players hitting unrestricted free agency.

Randall blew Fitzgerald coverage, not Peppers |
Although Julius Peppers crept up towards the quarterback on the first play in overtime, Damarious Randall was supposed to follow Larry Fitzgerald across the field, according to Dom Capers.

Packers burned by OT rule that Bears proposed to change - Chicago Tribune
This is a bit of a surprise - the Bears proposed to give both teams an offensive possession regardless of the outcome of the first one, as "a show of respect for the Packers."

Jeff Janis hopes momentum can carry over into next season |
Janis is saying all the right things after his big game on Saturday, and commented that his confidence level was definitely up once he got on the field on offense and made a few plays.

NFL Network will re-air Super Bowl I, the right way this time | ProFootballTalk
Oh look, NFL Network learned from its awful mistake. I'll admit, I was DVRing it last Friday, but I flipped it on for a few minutes during the broadcast and was confused. Thankfully, this time the game will not just be shown on half the screen nor be covered up by audio from the people in the studio.

Cam Newton vs. Carson Palmer is the first Heisman QB faceoff in modern NFL playoff history -
I was very surprised to read this, considering the high rate at which the award is given to quarterbacks.