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Cheese Curds, 1/20: Packers excited for Jordy Nelson to rejoin young receiving corps

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Over the weekend, the young receivers finally did some of the little things that Green Bay expects from its wideouts, but they'll be happy to have their veteran star back and healthy next season.

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As the old guy in the room, Jordy Nelson brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Green Bay Packers' wide receiver group, which is by and large a very young bunch. Sure, James Jones returned this season to provide a steadying, veteran presence, but Jordy is really the leader of a group that this year featured a fifth-year player and three second-year guys.

Granted, two of those sophomore players had big games in Saturday's Divisional loss to the Cardinals, and they showed talent in multiple facets of the game. But that does not change the fact that Nelson would have certainly been the team's best wideout and primary receiver, in addition to all that he does off the field. Thankfully, the news is good on his injured knee, and the Packers are excited to get him back in the summer in time for training camp.

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