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NFL Picks, Conference Championships: APC's prediction is Patriots-Cardinals in Super Bowl 50

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The writers here at APC are picking one favorite and one underdog to be victorious in Sunday's AFC and NFC games.

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Our Green Bay Packers have been eliminated from the playoffs, but that does not mean that we at Acme Packing Company are done making picks for the playoff games. This week, we'll add score predictions to our normal game picks, mostly in an effort to make fun of whoever is farthest away from the final score.

Check out our picks below, and make sure to give us yours in the surveys at the bottom of the page.

Conference Championship Picks

Tex NE (31-20) ARI (27-23)
Jason NE (28-20) ARI (31-24)
Aron NE (27-17) ARI (28-24)
Brendan DEN (17-10) CAR (28-24)
Paul NE (21-10) ARI (24-7)
Kris DEN (21-17) ARI (28-27)
Adam DEN (20-17) ARI (34-28)
VCF NE (27-20) ARI (35-32)
Consensus NE ARI

As you can see, APC is surprisingly confident in the Cardinals to advance to the Super Bowl out of the NFC. New England is favored by three points on the road, but most of us feel that they will win comfortably, by at least a touchdown. The fact that we are so confident in the Cardinals is a bit of a surprise, with Carolina favored by three, but despite six of the seven writers picking Arizona, only one expects it to be by more than six points.

Community Picks

Finally, we have been offering community picks for the Packers' games all season long, but with them eliminated we will move on to let the APC readership pick Sunday's games. Make your selections below.