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Cheese Curds, 1/25: On 5 preseason games & Packers fans' reaction to Thompson/McCarthy

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If Bob McGinn's article got your blood boiling, check in today's curds for another perspective.

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Did you see the Bob McGinn article from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on Sunday? Of course you did. And if you didn't, click over here and get up to speed.

Good? Good.

Now, the gist of the obsession over that article in the past day or so is that Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy is upset with Ted Thompson not signing more free agents. If that's indeed true, then McCarthy has joined a club that counts many fans among its numbers.

And yet, there is still plenty of sentiment from around Packers fandom that Thompson, as the man in charge and the architect of the team's direction, has the right to operate as he sees fit. That perspective is presented in today's cheese curds, along with some speculation about the Packers playing in an extra preseason game and much more.

Packers facing an extra opportunity for players to get injured |
More preseason games? Joy. The Packers are reportedly on the short list to play in this year's Hall of Fame Game, partly because Brett Favre is a shoo-in to be inducted. If they do, that will mean a fifth preseason game - that's good for player evaluation but bad for the players.

Thompson Shouldn't (And Probably Doesn't) Care That McCarthy Is Frustrated | Cheesehead TV
Aaron Nagler nails it on what reaction is warranted to the Bob McGinn piece. Everybody chill out.

Plays of the Packers' season No. 10: Damarious Randall's pass breakup - ESPN
We'll do our annual 10 Best Plays countdown later on, but ESPN's countdown looks at the most impactful plays instead - and this is a good one to start with.

Super Bowl 50 - Cam Newton gives Carolina edge, ex-GMs say |
One of those former GMs is Ron Wolf, who thinks that Newton's size and strength make him "a new dimension" as an NFL quarterback.

2016 NFL mock draft: Options for every team in the 1st round -
The Packers are projected to look to the front seven, with Georgia linebacker Leonard Floyd, Eastern Kentucky edge rusher Noah Spence, and Louisville tackle Sheldon Rankins all mentioned. Personally, I favor Spence, but he will have questions to answer about his off-the-field issues.

Dynasty Fantasy Football Stock Watch | Pro Football Focus
The phrase "Jeff Janis hype train" was used in a PFF fantasy football article this weekend! If you can, definitely try to get him and stash him in your dynasty league for next season.

Andy Reid: Clock management is important and we handled it right | ProFootballTalk
Why is Andy Reid doubling down here? The Chiefs screwed up the clock, but he still thinks they managed their offense and the last few minutes of their loss to New England correctly.