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Cheese Curds, 1/26: Packers' free agency speculation begins

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Today's curds break down the Packers' kicker and backup quarterback situations, as well as look at the top free agents hitting the open market this March.

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we're over a week into the Green Bay Packers' offseason, the discussions about free agency are beginning. First up, everyone will try to break down the players on the 2015 roster who are hitting free agency, then a barrage of further speculation will result as writers try to guess who (if anyone) Ted Thompson will go after on the open market.

Those discussions are beginning in earnest today, as a few different outlets are looking at different positions to break down the decisions upcoming for Thompson and the Packers. First up are a couple of positions that aren't terribly exciting, but that can prove crucial to a team's success: kicker and backup quarterback.

We also find the first report of the year of the Packers holding a meeting with a draft prospect, and it's a name that will likely excite anyone hoping for an upgrade at inside linebacker. Read, click, and enjoy!

Mason Crosby wants to stay with Packers |
The last time a kicker with a nine-year tenure in Green Bay hit free agency, he signed with Minnesota. Crosby hopes this is not the end of the line for him in Wisconsin.

Packers backup QB decision: Re-sign Scott Tolzien or use Brett Hundley - ESPN
There were rumors about teams looking at Tolzien as a possible starter even last year, and those rumors will only get stronger after a good preseason performance in 2015. However, Hundley's quick development could make Tolzien an unnecessary piece next season.

Need remains for Packers at tight end |
Position coach Jerry Fontenot got fired, and the Packers still do not have an athletic, playmaking tight end who strikes any sort of fear in a defense with his ability to play up the seam.

20 highest-graded unrestricted free agents | Pro Football Focus
It would be a shock to see Ted Thompson sign any of these players, but there are a few excellent linebackers available who could help in the middle of the Packers' 3-4 defense.

Packers' cornerback duo wasted no time as rookies |
It's a good thing that Damarious Randall and Quinten Rollins justified Ted Thompson's first two draft choices early on, because injuries to Sam Shields and overall youth at the position forced them into action more early on than many may have expected.

Packers reportedly interview Alabama LB Reggie Ragland |
Ragland is one of the top linebacker prospects in this year's draft (more on him later today in part 2 of our Senior Bowl preview), and is the first player reported to have met with Packers staff this draft season.

Can Thomas Davis play in the Super Bowl with a broken arm? -
The Panthers linebacker suffered the fracture during Sunday's game, but vowed to return to the field in two weeks in Santa Clara. Whether that is a possibility depends on the extent of the break, but it is not impossible for him to live up to his promise.