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NFL Playoff Schedule 2015: Packers will travel to Washington on Wild Card weekend

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Green Bay ends up with the NFC's 5th seed and has a date with Washington next week.

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

With the Green Bay Packers' loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday Night, the NFL's 2015 playoff field and matchups are finally set. Here are the seedings and the matchups for the Wild-Card Round next weekend. Two games will take place on Saturday, January 9th, with the other two on Sunday the 10th.

NFC Playoff Seeding

1. Carolina Panthers (15-1), NFC South champs
2. Arizona Cardinals (13-3), NFC West champs
3. Minnesota Vikings (11-5), NFC North champs
4. Washington (9-7), NFC East champs
5. Green Bay Packers (10-6), Wild-Card
6. Seattle Seahawks (10-6), Wild-Card

Wild-Card Round

#6 Seattle Seahawks vs. #3 Minnesota Vikings
TCF Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN
Sunday, January 10th, 12:05 PM CT

#5 Green Bay Packers vs. #4 Washington
FedEx Field, Landover, MD
Sunday, January 10th, 3:40 PM CT

AFC Playoff Seeding

1. Denver Broncos (12-4), AFC West champs
2. New England Patriots (12-4), AFC East champs
3. Cincinnati Bengals (12-4), AFC North champs
4. Houston Texans (9-7), AFC South champs
5. Kansas City Chiefs (11-5), Wild-Card
6. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6), Wild-Card

Wild-Card Round

#6 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. #3 Cincinnati Bengals
Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati, OH
Saturday, January 9th, 7:15 PM CT

#5 Kansas City Chiefs vs. #4 Houston Texans
NRG Stadium, Houston, TX
Saturday, January 9th, 3:35 PM CT