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Cheese Curds, 1/5: On Packers' matchups with Washington & Woodson's retirement

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We find some early looks at the keys to Sunday's Wild-Card game as well as a look at the impact of a Packer great on the NFL as a whole.

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The Green Bay Packers have had their fair share of versatile playmakers over the years, but arguably none of them have been able to do as many things at an elite level as Charles Woodson. Now that the defensive back has played his final NFL game, we can truly look back and appreciate what he did for the Packers' defense during his time here, as well as his impact on the league as a whole.

In the meantime, the Packers still have a game to prepare for, Sunday's Wild-Card matchup in Washington. In today's curds, we find our first close looks at the matchups to watch out for on Sunday, as well as a look at one of the keys to the Packers offense who has been out for most of the last few weeks.

Packers wary of Redskins' loaded skill positions |
Tight end Jordan Reed might be the toughest matchup for the Packers' defense on Sunday, especially since athletic tight ends have given that defense trouble in the past.

Bakhtiari optimistic about ankle, hopes play in Washington |
That's good, because it's clear that the Packers do not have an effective backup plan at this point if he cannot play.

Packers' receivers must step up against Washington | PFF
They should have plenty of opportunities to do so against a Washington secondary that has struggled in coverage and in tackling.

McCarthy: The tempo was poor against Vikings |
The head coach said that his decision to take back playcalling duties was "not about what Tom (Clements) was calling," but rather about the game-planning process.

Packers DB Micah Hyde's baseball background paid off on interception - ESPN
Hyde's mother even texted him after the game about it, saying "That's why I put you in baseball."

Charles Woodson changed the way the NFL thinks about defensive backs -
Woodson's remarkable versatility made him arguably the most dangerous defensive weapon in the NFL for a long time, and he was the centerpiece of the Packers' units during much of his time in Green Bay. Best wishes to you, Charles, in your retirement.