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Pro Football Hall of Fame Finalists: Brett Favre takes next step towards enshrinement

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It was a formality, but now it's out of the way - #4 now has just one more round of voting to go before he can start making reservations in Canton this summer.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday evening, the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced the Finalists for the Hall's class of 2016. To the surprise of no one, former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre is among those finalists.

As one of the most prolific quarterbacks in league history, Favre is a lock to make it this far and is in all practicality assured of a spot in Canton this summer. Favre retired as the NFL's all-time leader in most aggregate passing categories, including attempts, completions, yards, touchdowns, and interceptions. He was passed by Peyton Manning in both yards and touchdowns earlier this season.

Favre of course had his number retired by the Packers earlier this season and was enshrined in the Packers Hall of Fame at a banquet this summer.

Joining Favre as a finalist are two other people with Packers connections. One is Kevin Greene, who served as the Packers' outside linebackers coach from 2009-2013. Greene of course makes the list for his on-field accomplishments, which saw him total 160 sacks over 15 years as an NFL linebacker. The other is quarterback Kurt Warner, who spent a brief stint as a Packer during training camp in 1994.

Some of the other big names among the finalists this year are wide receivers Terrell Owens and Marvin Harrison, safeties Steve Atwater and John Lynch, and former Buccaneers and Colts coach Tony Dungy.

This year's Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony will be held on Saturday, August 6th.