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Cheese Curds, 1/8: Breaking down Rodgers/McCarthy issues, Packers' commitment to run

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Is there a feud between Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy? They say no, but acknowledge that there has been more conflict this year than in the past.

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While the Green Bay Packers continue to prepare for the Wild Card game in Washington, the two most prominent members of the organization held interviews to discuss one of the most highly-discussed topics of the past few weeks.

The fact that Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy felt the need to address the situation and the rumors about disagreements between them is a bit surprising, but still welcome. But perhaps the biggest and most revealing comment of any from those two men is an admission from Rodgers that he needs to use a different strategy and attitude this week if the Packers expect to win.

While that item is the big one in today's curds, we also find links looking at the Packers' running game and several breaking down how the defense matches up with Washington's potent offense.

Rodgers on McCarthy: 'Conflict is good' |
The quarterback and coach both gave interviews to Pete Dougherty this week, discussing the tension that has been palpable lately between them. While neither one thinks it's a problem - they both still say that they trust each other - Rodgers suggested that he may be open to taking more risks with the football on Sunday in Washington.

Did the Packers abandon the run? Stats tell part of the story |
The team and playcallers' commitment to the running game have come under fire a great deal this season, but it's more than the overall stats that make up that argument; it's individual situations like the middle of last week's game that really drive that narrative.

Kirk Cousins follows Aaron Rodgers' path to NFL prominence |
Both players took over as the primary starter in their fourth year in the league, and the stat lines in those first years as the starter are surprisingly similar.

Packers' defense primed for postseason |
Although the offense could not capitalize on impressive interceptions by Micah Hyde and Mike Daniels the past two weeks, the defense knows it has to keep making those impact plays for the Packers to keep playing this January.

Packers will have their hands full with Jordan Reed |
Speaking of the defense, covering Washington's tight end will likely be the toughest matchup they face all game long, especially given the struggles they have had with players at that position.

Washington's offensive line could surprise the Packers -
They are allowing the third-lowest sack rate in the NFL, and though the running game has been inconsistent, it has done just enough to keep opposing front sevens off balance.

Ranking the NFL teams eligible for Hard Knocks next year | Awful Announcing
If you were hoping to see the Packers on the HBO show next season, keep dreaming - by virtue of making the playoffs, they are excluded from being on the list of possible teams. Theoretically, they could still be on the show if they volunteer, but we all know there's no chance of that happening.