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NFL Playoff Schedule 2016: Wild-Card Saturday

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Join APC as we follow along with the playoff action across the AFC on Saturday.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Playoffs are finally here. Today, four AFC teams will battle for the chance to advance to the Divisional Round and earn a date in Denver or Foxboro. On Sunday, the NFC games will take place, with one game likely to feature temperatures around zero degrees Fahrenheit.

First up, we'll look at Saturday's games, which feature one divisional matchup from the AFC North.

#5 Kansas City Chiefs (11-5, Wild Card) at #4 Houston Texans (9-7, AFC South champs)

3:20 PM Central
NRG Stadium
Houston, TX

#6 Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6, Wild Card) at #3 Cincinnati Bengals (12-4, AFC North champs)

8:15 PM Eastern (7:15 Central)
Paul Brown Stadium
Cincinnati, OH

In the AFC, the Denver Broncos hold the top seed, and will play the worst-seeded remaining team after today's games. New England is the #2 seed and will play the team left over with the better seed.

Join APC in the comments here as we follow along with the AFC games this afternoon and evening. Enjoy the football!