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APC Podcast, Week 6: ESPN's Gabe Neitzel comments on a surly Mike McCarthy

Does Mike McCarthy have the right to be so surly? Why is Rodgers still struggling despite great line play? Is this defense for real? ESPN Milwaukee's Gabe Neitzel joins to break it all down.

As we round the quarter poll, the Packers are 3-1 and in second place in the division. But to hear the tone of the fans—and the coach—you might not know it. The truth is that despite having a tremendous amount of time in the pocket, Aaron Rodgers has seen his completion rate plummet. So what’s the problem?

To ponder that and other questions, we’re joined by ESPN Milwaukee radio host, Gabe Neitzel. We discuss play calling tendencies, how the narratives of this Packers team compares to others, and the team’s prospects going forward.
It’s an inside baseball edition of the podcast, as Producer Zach tries to tread water while two former radio colleagues play patty cake.

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