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APC Podcast, Week 7: The "what the #$@& was that?!" edition

The APC Pod crew dodges hot take-missiles from the Green Bay Twitterverse as fans were sharpening the pitchforks after a tough 30-16 home loss to Dallas.

Bench the quarterback! Fire the coach! Blow the whole thing up!

The takes were coming in hot and heavy on social media after the Packers were utterly undressed by the Cowboys at Leambeau field Sunday afternoon to the tune of a 30-16 loss.

But was it really that bad?

The APC pod crew is here to offer some reasons for optimism, or at least some reasons to move the toaster away from the bathtub. The twitter and email feed is our roadmap on this episode, as we navigate the murky world of social media gut reactions.

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Enjoy, and go Pack go!