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Comedy troupe makes “When Harry Met Sally” parody for Packers-Bears game

This is easily the best football-related parody of an 80’s movie you’ll see all week.

“When Harry Met Sally” is a classic film. Furthermore, the scene in the restaurant is a classic scene, one of the funnier (and more awkward) 90 seconds or so in movie history.

So when a pair of actresses (one who is a descendant of 1960s Green Bay Packers lineman Ron Kostelnik) gets ready for a Packers-Bears game, she turns to what she does best: comedy. In this great parody of the classic Meg Ryan-Billy Crystal picture, we find that scene re-imagined with Aaron Rodgers’ calls at the line of scrimmage as the premise.

Check out the great work from the duo known as Pure & Weary and enjoy!