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Cheese Curds, 10/21: Adams' breakout & short passing game drive Packers' offense

With hardly any running backs available, Green Bay had to change their offensive strategy on Thursday night - and they did so very effectively.

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On Thursday evening, the Green Bay Packers earned a victory over their longest rival, the Chicago Bears, by a score of 26-10. It certainly was not always pretty, and Aaron Rodgers still averaged just 5.8 yards per pass attempt, but to some extent that was by design.

After all, with both Eddie Lacy and James Starks out, the Packers used a pair of receivers as running backs throughout the game and rarely handed the ball off, instead preferring short passes near the line of scrimmage that allowed their playmakers to get the ball in space. They did so to great effect, as the team had three players with double-digit receptions and Rodgers put up his best statistical performance of the season (at least in terms of the counting stats).

In the final Cheese Curds of this week, check out how it all went down and see just how committed the Packers were to this offensive philosophy.

Late-night study session pays dividends for Goodson, Gunter |
The Packers' starting cornerbacks for Thursday's game were put together as roommates the night before, and they spent the whole evening breaking down coverages and the Bears' route concepts. Apparently it worked out pretty well.

Get used to dink-and-dunk Packers |
This is the offensive identity now that the Packers have to have to be successful - they won't run the ball much without a true starting-caliber tailback, but they'll put their versatile wideouts to use in different ways as they work their way slowly and methodically down the field.

James Jones: Chemistry is at core of Packers' struggles -
Jones has always been a vocal supporter of Aaron Rodgers, even when another former Packers receiver has been less effusive in his praise. What Jones feels is that the offense needs to get on the same page with each other and that this has been the biggest issue so far.

Davante Adams might be the answer to Aaron Rodgers' struggles -
Then again, Adams always seemed to be in the right place last night, as he caught 13 of the 16 passes Rodgers threw his way - a catch rate of over 80%, which is a rarity for him.

Thumbs up from Davante Adams all Packers' Aaron Rodgers needed to see - ESPN
Speaking of Adams, it was a surprise to see him play so soon after suffering a concussion on Sunday afternoon; it was even more surprising to see him put up the biggest game of his career.

Ranking all 32 NFL secondaries | Week 7 | PFF
The Packers were ranked as the leagues fifth-best secondary before the season, but they now sit all the way back at 28, thanks to the injuries that have ravaged the cornerbacks.