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Cheese Curds, 10/24: Perry's contract looms large, Montgomery's position is in flux

Green Bay's front office has a tough decision to make about a player who will hit free agency in the spring, while the coaches may have finally found an ideal role for a young playmaker.

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As the Green Bay Packers sat idle on Sunday thanks to playing on Thursday night, they will hope to get a few of their injured defensive backs healthy in time for next week's game against the Atlanta Falcons. Meanwhile, they got to watch those Falcons lose an overtime home game and hopefully found some ways to attack their defense.

More importantly, the Packers also saw the Vikings fall for the first time this season in a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. That puts the Packers now just one game back of the Vikings (although Minnesota holds the head-to-head tiebreaker for now).

As the Packers begin their preparations for Atlanta this week and their first road game in more than a month, they will have plenty of self-scouting to do on offense, as they try to determine just what sort of offense they will employ. In today's curds, we look at the scheme from Thursday - including the role of one player in particular - and hope to see similar total offensive production in the coming weeks.

Packers' offensive line answering the call |
The line had to pass-protect a whopping 57 times last Thursday in the Packers' win over the Bears, which is no easy task. However, Aaron Rodgers was sacked just twice and the running game still managed over 100 yards.

Can Green Bay Packers keep passing their way to wins? - ESPN
Mike McCarthy joked that he spends "too much time talking to the trainers" because of the glut of injuries that has affected his team. But as a result of those injuries, he revamped the offensive scheme last week and we can expect to see more of the same.

Ty Montgomery is GB's new matchup weapon | PFF
Stanford actually used Montgomery much in the same way that they use running back Christian McCaffrey today - which is to say that they line him up all over the field and give him the ball both in space and out of the backfield. Perhaps the Packers have finally figured out the best use for the young "wide receiver."

Green Bay Packers linebacker Nick Perry's price tag keeps going up - ESPN
Is it worth working on a new contract for Perry now, since he has been the best linebacker by far? Or should Ted Thompson take his chances knowing that Perry had dealt with injuries in the past?

Strong start for Crosby despite changes |
The Packers' kicker has missed just one field goal attempt - which was blocked - and a single PAT, all after having three different holders since the start of training camp and two different snappers.

Cardinals, Seahawks settle for historic tie after wild OT -
If you don't like kickers, Sunday Night Football made for some great schadenfreude.

The Vikings finally lost and Mike Zimmer said it’s because they were ‘soft’ -
Minnesota's offensive line looks to be their Achilles heel, and the Packers should be able to exploit it when they play the Vikings again on Christmas Eve.