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Week 8 NFL Picks: Falcons offense will be too much for Packers to handle

Although Green Bay’s offense bounced back last week, APC does not see them keeping up with the Falcons on Sunday.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for APC’s weekly NFL picks. Here’s fair warning: Green Bay Packers fans probably aren’t going to like us very much this week.

That’s because nine of the 12 APC contributors who are making weekly game picks have projected that the Atlanta Falcons will defeat the Packers at the Georgia Dome this coming Sunday. Do we hope that we’re wrong? Of course we do. We’d gladly give up a game to Mike, Alex, and Paul if the Packers would move to 5-2 on the season. However, most of us expect that given the players left at cornerback and the fact that a guy named Julio Jones is lining up on the other side of the line, Green Bay will have a tough time stopping Atlanta’s offense.

Meanwhile, most of the staff thinks that the Vikings will extend their division lead back out to multiple games with a win in Chicago. The Bears are preparing to start Jay Cutler (despite reports that head coach John Fox was “done” with the quarterback), which should make the Monday night game watchable if only to see what Cutler will do when things start to go wrong.

Here are our picks for this week, and be sure to submit yours in the fan picks widget at the bottom of the page.

Week 8 Picks

Overall Standings

  1. Jason B. Hirschhorn 0.621 (last week: 10-4-1)
  2. Evan “Tex” Western 0.612 (9-5-1)
  3. Kris Burke 0.612 (8-6-1)
  4. Mike Vieth 0.603 (7-7-1)
  5. Vermont Cubs Fan 0.575 (7-7-1)
  6. Ben Foldy 0.565 (8-6-1)
  7. Zach Rapport 0.565 (7-7-1)
  8. Gary Zilavy 0.555 (8-6-1)
  9. J.E. Barnett 0.547 (8-6-1)
  10. Jon Meerdink 0.544 (10-4-1)
  11. Alex Petakas 0.519 (8-6-1)
  12. Paul Noonan 0.478 (5-9-1)

Consensus: 0.565 (8-6-1)

Fan Picks