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Cheese Curds, 10/27: How much work will the Packers give Don Jackson and Knile Davis?

One of the big unknowns about the Green Bay offense is just how the snaps will break down between their two running backs and a certain receiver-turned-tailback.

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Packers RB Knile Davis
Packers RB Knile Davis
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers used Ty Montgomery extensively as a running back last week against the Chicago Bears, and did so with pretty significant success. The second-year offensive weapon had his second straight game with 10 catches, but also ran the ball nine times for 60 yards (a 6.7 yard average). However, comments coming out of Green Bay suggest that this took place more out of necessity than according to the coaches' plan.

That plan appears to be playing Don Jackson quite a bit more than they did, but his early hand injury put that plan to rest and forced Montgomery into the game even more. With a few extra days off, Jackson hopes to have his hand back to full strength by Sunday so he can be more of a focal point on offense and take some of the load off Ty. Knile Davis is waiting in the wings as well, learning the playbook over the past week and hoping to have more chances to make an impact.

The snap breakdown for those three players will be fascinating to watch on Sunday - my bet is that Montgomery still ends up playing more snaps at tailback than either of the two other backs, but that Jackson will still see something around 20 plays or so with Davis in the 10-15 range.

As you may have guessed, the backs are a focal point of today's Cheese Curds, which also take a look way back at a notable game in Packers history and examine the NFC North a bit as well.

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It is entirely likely that Don Jackson would have had a bigger workload (and therefore, Ty Montgomery a lighter one) out of the backfield last week if not for his hand injury.

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As it turned out, Jackson did not break his hand, something he knew right away last Thursday. But his main issue was his strength in holding onto the football; he wasn't sure he could carry without fumbling, which is why the team kept him out after the injury.

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Interestingly enough, the Falcons went through a similar transition at corner a few years ago to the one that the Packers had last year - they bade goodbye to a few veterans in the offseason, then spent their top two picks to restock the position.

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Kenny Clark has gradually seen an uptick in his snaps, and is putting up a decent performance as far as late first-round rookies go. The next step for him is to start supplying pressure as a pass-rusher.

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Here's a fun recollection of Don Hutson's emergence onto the scene, as the Packers came back from a big deficit to the Bears during his rookie year.

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NFL teams know the formula to beating the Vikings - bring pressure and hit Sam Bradford early and often. However, few teams on their remaining schedule have a pass rush that can really do a ton of damage.

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Because Bill Belichick can't get enough athletic linebackers (or make enough trades), he added a potential starting linebacker and simply moved back one round in next year's draft. Ridiculous.