I have a bad feeling about the direction the Packers are going

First off, I am a Packer fan, born, bred, and bleeding Green and Gold. This fan post is about a nagging feeling that will not go away, and it is a bad feeling about the road ahead. The Packers are 4-2, and none of their wins has been dominate, and 6 out of their remaining ten games are on the road. Jacksonville is terrible, and they played the Packers close while their other losses were blow outs.

The Packers are suffering a lot of injuries, both nagging, such as Clay Mathews, and more serious injuries such as Lacy, Randall, Cook, Shields, which add up, and take starters out of the lineup. Supporting cast like John Crockett, Starks, Abbredaris, Richard Rogers, & Janis have disappeared either literally, or figuratively. Aaron Rogers remains in a funk for the past year which makes me wonder what extra terrestrial took his place, and when, if ever, will the real Aaron Rogers return?

The Division, but for the Bears, has gotten tougher. The Vikings are playing very well, and the Lions, with Stafford at QB are playing better, and their supporting casts have improved. In short, I fear the Packers look and feel like they are in decline, and if they tank bad enough this could be the end of playoff appearance streak, and perhaps McCarthy loses his job if the tanking needs a scapegoat.

I would love to be wrong but the bad feeling will not go away.

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