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Cheese Curds, 10/28: Rodgers' running maintains his value, Adams hopes to build on breakout

Will Green Bay's offensive resurgence continue in the Georgia Dome this week? And will one young receiver follow up his big game with another?

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As the Green Bay Packers try to go toe-to-toe with one of the best offenses in the NFL so far this season, they will do so with a young wide receiver coming off arguably his best game as a professional. Davante Adams earned player of the week honors for his game against Chicago last week, but he's not satisfied - earlier in his career, he has followed up big games with duds, and he is working hard to avoid that same trend against the Falcons on Sunday.

Meanwhile, his quarterback has been maligned greatly over the Packers' first six games of the season, but his ability to scramble has helped make up for some of the perceived deficiencies in the passing game. While his base rushing numbers are decent if not extraordinary, the impacts of some of his runs have been massive at sustaining drives and is one reason why he is still considered one of the best signal-callers in the game.

Stay tuned for Friday's injury report later today and enjoy this morning's Cheese Curds below.

Davante Adams hungry for more |
Aaron Rodgers praised Adams' in-game communication from last Thursday, when he was frequently telling his quarterback which routes he liked and what coverages he was seeing.

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is playing better than you think - ESPN
Although Rodgers' conventional passing stats are down, his ability to run the football - which has led to conversions on no fewer than five plays of third and six or longer - is a critical factor to the Packers' offensive production so far.

Punt returns a fundamental problem for Packers |
Whether the Packers' outside protectors are being held or are just getting beaten, they need to figure out a way to slow down opposing gunners and give Trevor Davis some room to work.

Matthews vs. Matthews matchup depends on Clay's hamstring - ESPN
Clay plays on the right side most frequently, while his cousin Jake is the Falcons' left tackle; naturally, the two players are excited to face off against each other. However, Clay needs to practice on Saturday to be able to go on Sunday.

Starks recovering well from knee surgery |
James Starks calls himself "week to week," and although he will not be on the field this Sunday, he is hopeful that his recovery will get him back on the practice field in short order.

The Seahawks’ new starting left tackle hasn’t started a football game since Pee Wee league -
Seattle has had success molding defensive linemen and tight ends into offensive linemen, but this is taking that strategy to extremes. George Fant is an undrafted rookie from Western Kentucky who played more basketball than football and only played tight end and special teams when he did step on the field.

In the NFL, momentum is a myth, but confidence is real -
This is an interesting piece from former NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz discussing the impact of plays on a micro level instead of the concept of "momentum" on a macro level.