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Cheese Curds, 10/3: On the Packers' youth on defense & upcoming opponents' week 4 games

Today we look back at Sunday of Green Bay's bye week and see how some teams on their 2016 schedule performed.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers always keep their roster young. This is either a core tenet of general manager Ted Thompson's philosophy or, at the very least, a direct result of his core tenets. However, rarely if ever under Ted has the team played so many players so early in their careers as they did a week ago Sunday - particularly on defense.

Granted, the team was missing a multitude of veterans due to injury. But still, having 13 players in just their first or second year of pro football take the field on defense is astounding.

In today's cheese curds, we look back at that Detroit game, but also focus heavily on some teams that the Packers will be playing in the coming weeks. One team in particular, the Atlanta Falcons, looks to have a resurgent offense that will be one of the league's best. Let's all hope that Sam Shields gets back on the field in time for that game. After all, with the way the secondary has played in his absence, it would likely be a long, long day for them against Julio Jones.

Young defenders gaining plenty of experience so far |
Here's a crazy bit of information for you - the Packers used 20 players on defense last week against Detroit, and 19 of those players were 27 years old or younger. Only Julius Peppers exceeded that age.

Packers' philosophy keeps roster forever young |
The old cliches about the NFL remain true: it's a young man's game and the Packers stretched that axiom to its limit last week with so many veterans hurt.

Healthy Nick Perry continues to 'kick some tail' for Packers' defense - ESPN
Perry is of course one of the "old guys" on defense, despite being just 26 years old, and he is having his finest start to a season by far through three games.

Julio Jones ran all over the Panthers and there wasn't a thing they could do about it -
The Packers get Jones and the Falcons on the road in four weeks. Thankfully, that game will come after a Thursday night game, so Dom Capers will have a few extra days to repair (and for his players to rehab).

Chicago Bears await severity of Kevin White's ankle injury - ESPN
Meanwhile, the Bears' second-year wideout left yesterday's game and did not return. Keep an eye on that as the Packers host Chicago in 17 days.

Frustrated Luck: 'I'm tired of almost' after latest loss -
Well if you're sick of seeing double-digit comebacks fall short, maybe you should play better in the first half and help your team score more than six points by halftime? Just a thought.