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Cheese Curds, 10/4: Damarious Randall is ready for challenge from Odell Beckham and company

Green Bay's young group of corners won't be intimidated by a talented group of wideouts this week, and they might even have a chance to get in the head of New York's top playmaker.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

If there's one thing that Green Bay Packers cornerback Damarious Randall possesses, it's a short memory.

Sure, the second-year corner has been beaten - and pretty badly, too - by the opposition's top receivers over the past few games. However, as he revealed this week, he had a minor physical limitation that may have affected his ability to play his game properly in those two contests and he should be back to normal this week.

Hopefully that "normal" is more like the Randall we saw in week one and down the stretch last season, when he did a good job of both covering the opposition and making big plays on the football. The Packers will need it against a talented Giants receiving corps, which has three excellent interchangeable weapons. One of those players is unhappy with his treatment, however, and feels that he is being treated differently than other players around the league. If the Packers can get in his head with some clean but tough play, he might just do half of their job for them.

Check out that and much more in today's curds.

Damarious Randall confident he'll bounce back |
Randall reported that he jammed a thumb early in the Minnesota game, which prevented him from properly jamming Stefon Diggs. That's one more player who is thankful for an early bye week before facing the Giants' "three-headed monster" at wide receiver.

Odell Beckham: 'Gotta know that it's all against me' -
Speaking of the Giants' wideouts, Beckham complained after last night's loss in Minnesota, saying that he feels like he is being held to a different standard than other players. Here's the thing, though - when you consistently draw unsportsmanlike penalties and get into altercations, the refs are going to be on alert and other teams will try to draw that out of you.

Packers' Mike McCarthy: Jordy Nelson's comeback 'exceeded the reality' - ESPN
McCarthy admits that he put Jordy in a tough spot, holding him out of all of the preseason and then throwing him into the fire in Jacksonville for week one. Still, he appears very pleased with Nelson's progress so far.

Packers focusing on individual analysis |
Instead of working hard on scouting themselves as a unit during the bye, the Packers only had three weeks of tape to work on so they focused on breaking down individual players' performances instead.

Unclubbed Jeff Janis tries to work his way into Packers' receiver rotation - ESPN
The Packers still have given few snaps to their other young wideouts, so what are the odds that Janis is in line for more snaps now that he has full use of his hand again?

Mike Zimmer can’t stop cussing even though the Vikings are winning -
I don't think I have ever seen Zimmer smile, and I probably never will.