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Giants coaches have threatened to bench Odell Beckham, Jr., per report

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How could one of the most talented players in the league have let it come to this?

NFL: New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

By now, Odell Beckham, Jr.’s complaints, temper, and antics are well-known to most NFL fans. The New York Giants wide receiver famously spent an entire game in an altercation with Josh Norman last year, and has been flagged for multiple unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in the early part of this season. Then he took to the media, complaining about being treated unfairly and saying that he is not having fun playing football any more.

Apparently the Giants’ coaching staff has about had it with Beckham.

According to SB Nation’s Thomas George, multiple Giants coaches said that the team is considering suspending him if he cannot control his emotions on the field - a drastic step, to be sure.

The game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night could be the final trigger for that move if Beckham continues to react violently or unprofessionally. There is certainly a strong argument that opposing teams have been targeting Beckham this season and trying to draw outbursts out of him, something which the Packers have said that they do not intend to do. However, defending Beckham in a physical (but clean) manner and double-covering him seem like wise strategies - and if they end up with him getting frustrated again and playing into the Packers’ hands with more outbursts, then so be it.

We will see on Sunday night whether Beckham has indeed calmed down, or if the Packers can use press-man coverage and limit his role in the offense, leading to him becoming frustrated once again.