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Cheese Curds, 11/14: Blame for Packers' collapse shared among players & coaches alike

Green Bay's struggles are more reality than mirage at this point, and unless things turn around quickly, there will likely be job openings coming at the end of the season.

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Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

We thought it couldn't get any worse than the Green Bay Packers' embarrassing home loss to the Indianapolis Colts a week ago. Boy, were we wrong.

The Packers found a way to reach a new low in Tennessee on Sunday, and for the first time since 2013, they fell below .500 after week three. The defense looked lost, the offense looked uninspired, and as a whole, the team seemed to be listless once again. Now, the questions are rightly coming from columnists and beat writers about the makeup of this team - particularly the leadership on the sidelines.

The coaching staff has been given a bit of a pass in recent years, in large part because of the Super Bowl victory following the 2010 season, but mainly because the team continued to have success. That no longer appears to be the case, and it seems reasonable to scrutinize every member of the organization from the top down.

Will or should any moves be made before the season? Probably not. After all, this organization has galvanized itself after early failures in the past. (Think "SHHHHHHH" and "R-E-L-A-X.") But there are no signs of a rebound like those coming at this point - if it were to happen, it should have taken place sometime in the last few weeks.

So while we examine what went wrong on Sunday, keep an eye to the future. Because if this season continues on its current trajectory, we could be looking at a whole lot of new faces in Green Bay a few months from now.

Davante Adams keeps making big plays |
This was about the one highlight for the Packers yesterday - Adams averaged more than 25 yards per reception, the highest of his career by a big margin.

Apathetic performance adds to pressure on Packers' McCarthy, Capers, Thompson - Green Bay Packers Blog- ESPN
After this embarrassing game, the only solace is that the Packers are still just one game behind the Lions and Vikings in the division, with one game remaining against each of those opponents.

Packers' defense again grasping for answers |
Aside from the first play - DeMarco Murray's 75-yard touchdown - the run defense actually played reasonably well, allowing just 87 yards on 29 carries. However, that first run set the tone for the game and the pass defense took the day off, allowing Delanie Walker to shred the middle of the field with ease.

Green Bay Packers defense got off to historically bad start vs. Titans - ESPN
The last time any team allowed touchdowns on each of its first four defensive series was over one and a half seasons ago - Week 16 of 2014, to be exact.

GB-TEN grades: Mariota, Walker lethal in Titans win | PFF
A couple of Packers got positive feedback from PFF this week - Corey Linsley, Blake Martinez, and Nick Perry especially - but overall it was a bad, bad day for this team regardless of how you look at it.

The Cowboys' 35-30 win over the Steelers was the most entertaining NFL game of the season -
This was a ridiculous game, featuring six failed two-point conversions and three lead changes within the last two minutes. It was certainly more fun to watch than the Packers' game.