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Cheese Curds, 11/17: "Wizard" Aaron Rodgers shoots back at rumors of tension with McCarthy

Green Bay's QB earned praise from one of his next opponents on Wednesday and shot back at some of the speculation about the relationship between him and his head coach.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that Aaron Rodgers does not take too kindly to broad interpretations of what he has said (or not said) in press conferences in recent weeks. On Wednesday, when the Green Bay Packers' quarterback met with reporters at his locker after practice, he came out swinging at some speculative pieces written recently about the team and about his relationship with leadership.

Rodgers is usually one to be blunt and say what's on his mind, and he certainly did so in this interview. Meanwhile, one of Rodgers' next opponents - who saw the Packers and Rodgers mount a furious comeback last season - had an interesting description of the quarterback involving a pop culture reference.

The Packers continue to practice today, and we will be closely monitoring the status of the injured offensive linemen, which is also a topic of discussion in today's Cheese Curds along with the above talking points about the quarterback. Read on, and enjoy!

Next offensive linemen up ready if called upon |
As expected, David Bakhtiari's injury appears to be less serious than T.J. Lang's, as the Packers' left tackle was able to practice in at least a limited fashion on Wednesday. However, the Packers have plenty of confidence in backups Jason Spriggs and Don Barclay if the starters need to sit out on Sunday night.

Josh Norman calls Aaron Rodgers 'a wizard' |
Specifically, Norman called the Packers' QB "Gandalf the White," while referring to Tom Brady as "Gandalf the Grey."

Packers' brass highly successful at dodging questions during season - ESPN
Do you think the beat writers are frustrated about not hearing from Ted Thompson or Mark Murphy? You can feel the agitation in that headline.

Rodgers slams report of discord with McCarthy |
There's no secret what Rodgers thinks of Mike Florio's speculative piece and his particular brand of journalism - the words "crap" and "white noise" were used. However, Rodgers also suggested that Packers fans have gotten "kind of...spoiled" with the team's success over the past few decades.

NFL illegal formation violations are increasing, and the league is cracking down -
More and more often, offensive tackles are lining up too far back to be considered "on the line of scrimmage," but there is a gray area there that requires officials to make some judgment calls.

Zimmer: Keep team mentally stable? What about me? -
Mike Zimmer is hilarious - that dry sense of humor plays well in the Midwest in particular.