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Cheese Curds, 11/18: McCarthy fights history as Peppers fights age & snap counts

Can Green Bay's long-tenured head coach overcome the perception that any coach has a ten-year window?

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Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

As the Green Bay Packers prepare for this weekend's game in the nation's capital, questions continue to circle about the organization and its future. Head coach Mike McCarthy is at the center of much of the speculation, and this week one Packers beat writer looked at McCarthy's career in the context of the NFL's history. Let's just say it doesn't bode too well for him.

Meanwhile, we have a Packers player who has appeared to fall off a cliff in terms of his production. It's easy to use his age as an explanation for his decline in play, but he argues that his lack of impact plays are due to a much different reason.

It's all here in today's Curds as we prepare for Washington on Sunday night.

History working against Packers' McCarthy |
This look back at successful NFL head coaches shows a trend - most of the time, a ten-year span is about all you have to find success. Only the rare few can stay with a team beyond that and find a resurgence, so the question is whether McCarthy is more in the Bill Cowher mold or Marty Schottenheimer's?

Christine Michael happy to call Green Bay 'home' |
One of the knocks on Michael coming out of college was related to his discipline and work ethic; his first comments after arriving in Green Bay suggest that those issues are behind him and that he is taking this opportunity very seriously.

Age is no factor in down season, Packers' Julius Peppers says - ESPN
Peppers asserts that he's "the same player" that he was before, and that his snap count is mainly to blame. Last week that may have been the case, as he played just 19 snaps, but he was around 50 in each of the previous two contests.

Joe Thomas Sr. trying to become the oldest D-I college football player | Campus Rush
You think Peppers is old? That's right, 55-year-old Joe Thomas, Sr. is the father of the Packers linebacker, and he asked to walk on to Joe Jr.'s team at South Carolina State in 2012. Joe Sr. never got to play or practice with his son, but a few years later he's on the team and his story is worth telling - and it's not over yet.

Big-Game Breakdown: Packers at Washington | PFF
According to PFF, the Packers have the highest-graded offensive line in terms of pass blocking, and the 5th-highest-graded pass rush. However, it's those pesky 31st-place ranking in coverage and 26th spot in receiving that are driving this team under .500.

Art Rooney II: Steelers are better than 4-5 record -
I think Bill Parcells might disagree - after all, he's the one responsible for the famous quote "You are what your record says you are."