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Cheese Curds, 11/21: Reliving Packers' defeat in Washington in GIFs

Allow us a catharsis in today's link dump.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers found another painful way to lose on Sunday night, as they were defeated in Washington 42-24. The offense found a spark from a returning tight end, but it wasn't nearly enough to overcome the defense's failings.

In addition, the Packers lost at least one player for the season - cornerback Demetri Goodson - and a handful of others left the game with injuries as well. This team appears to have no idea how to break out of its month-long slump, and neither do we.

So let's do Cheese Curds a little differently today. On this ugly Monday, we're going for a little bit of emotional release, and forgoing most of our traditional discussion of the day's links in favor of GIFs that sum up our emotions about the various topics.

Redskins' big plays doom Packers in defeat |
Pictured here: the Packers' cornerbacks.

Dumpster Fire

Mike McCarthy -- Green Bay Packers must scramble to save season |
All of Packers nation's reaction:

You Don't Say Nic Cage

Pierre Garcon ripped a cheesehead in 2 pieces after Washington beat the Packers -
I can't even get angry about this.

You Make Me Sad King Arthur

Cook, Starks provide shot in arm for offense |
Yay, I guess? Cook did have a great game - until he fumbled away any last glimmer of hope in the fourth quarter.

Over the Moon Face West Wing

Father of Packers LB Joe Thomas makes history |
This is about the only cool thing that happened this weekend involving the Packers (even tangentially)

Thumbs Up

NFL kickers miss record 12 extra-point attempts Sunday -
Still better than most NFL kickers this week:

Charlie Brown Football