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Cheese Curds, 11/22: Packers' defensive collapse in Washington was one for the ages

Green Bay's defense completely fell apart over the last quarter-plus of Sunday's game, and it could end up costing its coordinator his job.

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When the Green Bay Packers' defense takes the field next Monday night in Philadelphia, the unit will be looking to wash a foul taste out of its collective mouth. The defense had put up a relatively decent performance through most of three quarters on Sunday, giving up just 16 points and about 250 yards. Then, everything fell apart when Quinten Rollins lost Jamison Crowder in coverage on a 44-yard touchdown.

The floodgates opened and Washington ended the game with 42 points and more than 500 total yards, leaving the Packers scratching their heads and grasping at straws.

On Monday, the Packers will face an Eagles team that ranks just 23rd in yards per play, compared to Washington's second-ranked offense, so there is reason for hope. But that team is capable of explosive plays as well, which have been the Packers' Achilles heel so far this year.

That's the gist of today's Cheese Curds as we try to put Sunday night behind us.

Packers' defense has multiple issues to address |
The defense actually held up well against the run for most of Sunday's game, allowing just 83 yards on 26 carries until late in the fourth quarter. Then Rob Kelley broke out for a 66-yard sprint and that phase of the defense got put in the doghouse along with the pass rush and secondary.

The night 'all hell broke loose' may haunt Packers' Dom Capers - ESPN
That's an accurate description of the last 17 minutes of Sunday's game, and those are the exact words that Capers used. Washington scored 24 of their 42 points over that span.

McCarthy: "there's no reinventing the wheel" |
To paraphrase the coach, you can't simplify the scheme in the middle of the season when your starters get hurt and young players need to take on bigger roles. It's not crazy to think that this inflexibility is part of the problem, however.

Christine Michael Is a Perfect Fit for the Green Bay Packers |
Here's an interesting argument that Michael is exactly the kind of player that the Packers need - someone who can put up consistent production on inside runs.

5 reasons why the NFC should fear the Seattle Seahawks | PFF
Russell Wilson is healthy again and Jimmy Graham looks like he has finally settled into Seattle's offense; the matchup at Lambeau in three weeks could get ugly.

Scott Tolzien to start for Colts with Andrew Luck in concussion protocol -
This is assuming that Luck does not play on Thursday night; Davante Adams did play a TNF game after being concussed on the previous Sunday, but that is more the exception than the rule. The important thing here is GO SCOOTS!

Adam Czech: How You Can Help His Family | Cheesehead TV
Adam was an active member of the Packers online community and recently passed away due to cancer. For those interested, here are details on his funeral arrangements and a GoFundMe campaign to help his children.