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Aaron Rodgers’ special MACC Fund cleats for Week 13 revealed

The Packers’ QB is supporting his favorite charity with special kicks this Sunday.

Aaron Rodgers MACC Fund Cleats

The National Football League has historically been opposed to players making personal statements with their equipment, especially in the Roger Goodell era. The league is known to levy fines on players for things as insignificant as putting the name of a relative on their eye black, and we at Acme Packing Company have criticized the league in the past for inconsistent positions on charitable issues and uniform policies.

However, this season, the league elected to pick one week to allow its players to wear cleats with specific personal messages on them in support of charity - so long as the league vets and approves the charity and the cleats are auctioned off for said charity. That week is the upcoming one, Week 13, and one Green Bay Packers player in particular is jumping at his chance to support his chosen cause.

That player is Aaron Rodgers, and his charity is of course Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer (The MACC Fund). Here is a look at the cleats he’ll be sporting this weekend:

Green. Gold. Made with purpose. Introducing Aaron Rodgers' custom cleats for Week 13. #MyCauseMyCleats

Posted by The Players' Tribune on Tuesday, November 29, 2016

APC is also a supporter of the MACC Fund, as we have donated the proceeds from all of our T-shirt sales to that organization over the past two football seasons. To date, APC readers have helped raise over $1,000 for the charity, and we thank you for your support.

And if you want to support that great organization even more, keep an eye out for these cleats on Sunday as the Packers host the Texans and look for them at auction shortly thereafter.