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Cheese Curds, 11/8: Uncertainty plagues Packers' roster and fans at midseason

Which Green Bay defense will show up at any given time? And which players will be able to even step on the field? Those are questions we have had to ask each and every week.

Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

If one thing is certain about this year's Green Bay Packers, it is that their performance is uncertain. The offense has had a handful of impressive performances, but several games in which they repeatedly failed to gain any traction. Sometimes it seems to just have to do with how defenses are approaching Aaron Rodgers and company, and other times they can't get out of their own way.

The defense, on the other hand, is more inconsistent from drive to drive. Against the Colts, they weren't all that bad for much of the game, but they saved their poor play for a few critical moments at the end of each half

Making matters worse is the fact that the team has faced constant uncertainty at various positions due to a slew of injuries affecting key players. With receivers, running backs, and corners coming in and out of the lineup, it's tough to prepare when the players you do have can't be sure of their roles in a given week.

That's the gist of today's Cheese Curds - uncertainty - and it's appropriate on election day here in the United States.

On that topic, all we will say is this: APC supports your right to participate in the democratic process, regardless of your position, and we encourage all who are eligible to go out and vote. Let's all make sure that everything stays civil today and in the coming days, and that we can continue to focus on what matters most - cheering on the Packers to a 14th NFL title.

Two critical series were the difference for defense |
The Packers' coordinators addressed the media on Monday, and Dom Capers addressed the two drives that broke the Packers' collective back: the 96-yard drive at the end of the first half and the Colts' final series that killed the clock.

Daniels' outburst reflects Packers' unease |
Multiple players echoed Aaron Rodgers' comments about the team's energy level, but Mike Daniels seemed to have plenty of it after the game as he went on a tirade in the showers. Daniels takes a great deal of pride in his play and that of his teammates, and it was surely a message to everyone that the current style of play won't get it done.

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Does McCarthy deserve the team's "MVP" award at midseason? Rob Demovsky thinks so, due to his hard work at adjusting to the Packers' multitude of injuries.

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An interesting idea mentioned and discussed here is that teams are trying to keep Aaron Rodgers in the pocket rather than letting him escape. Although that would have been suicide in 2014 or earlier, perhaps that strategy has some validity at this point.

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That headline is a bit of an exaggeration, but Sherman has been known to toe the line quite a bit - and although he got away with a few questionable things on Monday night against the Bills, they mainly seemed to be legitimate plays.