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Cheese Curds, 12/1: Packers' defense needs turnovers, Rodgers' injury not expected to be serious

Green Bay finally got its first turnover in three games on Monday, but they need more if they hope to put a winning streak together.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest problems with the Green Bay Packers' defense over the past month-plus (and really, the season as a whole) has been a lack of turnovers. The unit has just three such plays over the last five games, an abysmal number for a Dom Capers unit that thrives on them.

That is the lowest number over a five-game span for a Packers defense since early in the 2013 season - from weeks 5 through 9, the Packers had just two takeaways. Even more astounding is the fact that over the 2014 and 2015 seasons, there were just two games in which the Packers failed to force a turnover. That's two out of 36 games.

There have been opportunities lost, as well - sacks that fail to dislodge the football and dropped interceptions have been costing the Packers dearly in recent weeks. This week against the Houston Texans, the secondary should have some chances to pick off some of Brock Osweiler's passes; the question will be whether they can hang on to those footballs.

Clinton-Dix's pick sparks defense |
The third-year safety made his third interception, three weeks after recording two against the Colts, while the pass rush helped put the game away.

Oz Writes Checks His Arm Can't Cash |
Packers Twitterer @eznark shows each of Brock Osweiler's interceptions this season in turn to show just how bad his decision-making has been this season.

Davante Adams says Green Bay Packers don't have just one go-to WR - ESPN
Aaron Rodgers says the same thing, and says that the talk about #1 receivers is "fantasy football fodder." Still, Adams is the player who defenses need to game plan for right now, which does make him the WR1 in town.

Packers' foes driven to score before halftime |
All eleven teams that the Packers have faced this season have scored inside the final two minutes of the first half. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

Mike McCarthy: Aaron Rodgers' hamstring not as serious as in 2014 - ESPN
Let's hope it's not as bad as that calf injury - after all, Rodgers' scrambling ability has been a key component to the Packers' offense this season, especially on third downs.

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer to undergo emergency eye surgery -
Zimmer has a torn retina, and he may not be able to coach in tonight's Cowboys-Vikings game on Thursday Night Football.