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Cheese Curds, 12/13: Packers won't play in London in 2017

Green Bay and its quarterback will have to wait another year for a possible chance of playing across the Atlantic.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Rodgers has made no secret of something over the past few years - he hopes that he will get a chance to play an NFL game in London someday. Back in the spring of 2015, when there were rumors that the Packers could end up playing the Jaguars across the pond this season, Rodgers was quoted as saying that playing a London game was on his "bucket list."

Unfortunately for him, he will have to wait at least another year to do so. The NFL announced the four games to be played at Wembley and Twickenham Stadiums next fall, and the Packers do not appear on the list.

There was one possible matchup that could have been a possibility, however; Green Bay is scheduled to visit the Cleveland Browns next season, and the Browns were picked to host a game at Twickenham. However, they will host the Minnesota Vikings instead, leaving the Packers without an opportunity to travel to any of the teams scheduled to host.

In the meantime, today's Curds feature a look at an official position switch for one Packers player, plus some more examination of Sunday's beatdown of the Seahawks.

Packers halfway to 'run the table' |
Aaron Rodgers has dropped his fair share of sound bites over the years, from "Shhhhhh" to "R-E-L-A-X," but if the Packers do indeed win out and find themselves in the playoffs, "Run the table" will be right up there with the others.

It's official: Ty Montgomery is a running back |
Mike McCarthy confirmed it on Monday - Montgomery has not practiced with the receivers in weeks. Maybe now that his position is changed on the team's official roster, this will finally force those last few fantasy football sites that were holding out to change his designation.

Packers still waiting for first-round pick Kenny Clark to make impact - ESPN
Clark isn't making a whole lot of splashy plays - those have come from fourth-rounder Dean Lowry over the last two weeks - but he should have a bigger opportunity to do so down the stretch with Mike Pennel suspended for the last three games.

Aaron Rodgers is NFL's No. 1 QB since Week 7 | PFF
Rodgers didn't attack Seahawks safety Steven Terrell directly on Sunday, but he did go after the deep ball up the sidelines - where interceptions are much less likely. It was an effective and efficient performance from Rodgers throughout the game, and according to PFF he had just three incompletions on his "aimed" passes (i.e. not counting throwaways).

Randall Cobb trashes "front-runner" Seahawks after ankle-twisting tackle -
Did you see this quote from Cobb? He wasn't the only Packer who took a bit of a cheap shot, either, as T.J. Lang took a punch to the groin from Cliff Avril during the game as well.

Richard Sherman: Seahawks needed a wake-up call -
Okay, Sherman. You can spin it any way you want, but the fact is that your team got pushed around and dominated. No amount of spin will take away that 28-point margin.

2017 London games: NFL announces which teams will be playing -
The Packers will not be playing in London for at least another year; instead the Vikings are the only NFC North team that will travel across the pond next season.