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Cheese Curds, 12/30: On Aaron Rodgers the ninja, Cook's impact, and Allison's progression

Green Bay's offense is back on track, and some new additions from this offseason have helped to spark its resurgence, Still, the quarterback drives the ship, and he's at his very best right now.

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Aaron Rodgers is close to impossible for Lions to defend | PFF
Here are some of the words PFF used to describe Rodgers' pocket presence: "feels everything," "tapped into The Matrix," "mythical ninja," and "freaky."

Packers' defense must capitalize on any chances it |
The Packers failed to convert on three potential turnovers the first time they played the Lions, and it helped Detroit get back in the game before the Packers held on for a win.

Jared Cook's impact on Packers' offense goes beyond his own stats |
Aaron Rodgers has 15 touchdowns and just one interception when Cook is on the field. The Packers also have a way of measuring how much attention a single player gets from opposing defenses...but Mike McCarthy isn't saying how they do so.

Allison's instincts impressing Packers |
The Packers are pleased with the early progress from the rookie receiver, and the number of times that Aaron Rodgers has thrown the ball to him this year is surprising. Furthermore, the fact that he has surpassed Trevor Davis and Jeff Janis on the depth chart is an even better sign that he's picking up the offense and earning Rodgers' trust.

Why the Packers are glad they got written off this season -
Dom Capers says this team reminds him a bit of the 2010 squad that had to win back-to-back games at the end of the season to make the playoffs.

Rashad Jennings: Everyone on Giants will play Sunday -
That's good news for the Packers and Lions as a Giants win in Washington would guarantee that both NFC North teams will make the playoffs.