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Join the APC College Football Bowl Pool 2016

Test your predictive capabilities against the rest of APC in our Bowl Pool.

NCAA Football: Oregon State at UCLA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

All year long, we have been following College Football on Saturdays. Whether you’re watching a favorite team or just scouting out prospects for the NFL Draft, Saturdays are great, but now they are giving way to the sports’s holiday season.

In other words, Merry Bowlmas, everyone!

This year, we have set up a College Football Bowl Pool on ESPN, exclusively for Acme Packing Company readers. The pool will use a confidence point system, so in addition to picking the winners, you will need to arrange the games by number of confidence points from 1-42 (highest number means more points awarded).

You can join the pool by clicking on this invite link. You can also join by logging into ESPN Bowl Mania, setting up an entry using the Confidence system, and searching for the group “Acme Packing Company 2016.” The group password is “gopackgo”.

The winner will receive ultimate bragging rights (at least until next year), but also a Lambeau Field print courtesy of Ballpark Blueprints! Note that these are not currently available, so be sure to get your entry in if you’d like to have a chance to win this great prize. Also, if you want to guarantee yourself (or a lucky friend) a copy of one of their other great prints, be sure to head over to their website and order one - there’s still plenty of time to get the orders in time for the holidays!

Be sure to submit your pool entry before the pool locks down. That will happen at kickoff of the first game: at 12 Noon Eastern Time on Saturday, December 17th. Merry Bowlmas to all!