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Cheese Curds, 2/16: Tolzien faces tough choice, ticket sales announced for Wisconsin-LSU

Mock drafts? You bet your bottom dollar we've got mock drafts for you this week.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

As we count down the days until free agency begins and Green Bay Packers fans can wait on pins and needles for Ted Thompson to not really do much of anything, we at Acme Packing Company find ourselves slipping into the insanity of mock drafts and NFL Draft speculation. The NFL Scouting Combine does not even begin for another seven days, but mocks are everywhere.

Thankfully, SB Nation has a handy-dandy list of mocks, and has presented the picks for each of those first-round predictions in visual form. That's in today's curds, and be sure to keep that link bookmarked as it will be updated leading up to the draft.

Finally, before we get to the curds, APC is pleased to announce that for the second straight year, we will be bringing you live coverage of the NFL Scouting Combine direct from Indianapolis. Tex will be on-site for media days, which cover Wednesday through Saturday, whereas the players will be performing their on-field drills from Friday to Monday. Remember to check out the full list of players invited to Indianapolis here.

Infographic: Packers season in review |
Here's a fun fact: in five seasons, Aaron Rodgers has had over 500 pass attempts and eight or fewer interceptions. No other quarterback has more than three such years, and only a single other passer (Tom Brady) has more than one.

Scott Tolzien's dilemma: Seek shot at a starting job, or stay as Aaron Rodgers' BFF? - Green Bay Packers Blog- ESPN
That dilemma faces the Packers as well as Tolzien, as Brett Hundley's impressive 2015 preseason will make it tempting to roll with just two quarterbacks in 2016.

Packers Still Not Over Jermichael Finley | Cheesehead TV
In theory, they may be able to replace him through the draft or in free agency, but no player available is a sure thing as a receiver.

Alvarez talks historic opener at Lambeau Field |
The ticket details are now released for the Wisconsin-LSU matchup in September - the Badgers will get an allotment of 40,000 tickets (7,500 which will be for students), LSU gets 20,000, and the Packers get to sell the rest.

Who do experts think each team will pick in the 2016 NFL Draft? -
As of today, SB Nation's database of mock drafts has Alabama tackle Jarran Reed as the most likely player to be selected by Green Bay at #27.

Break CJ2K's 40-yard dash record, make a million -
Adidas is offering a million bucks if anyone breaks Chris Johnson's record 4.24-second 40 from 2008. The catch? The prospect has to be wearing adidas cleats when he does it.