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Cheese Curds, 2/19: Packers drop preseason ticket prices, admit ILB need to draft prospect

Variable pricing has arrived in Green Bay, while a top linebacker prospect reveals that Packers execs do indeed see his position as a significant need this offseason.

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As we reach the end of this week, the Green Bay Packers coaches and personnel department are continuing to prepare for next week's NFL Scouting Combine, which begins on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the team's new position coaches are getting to know their charges, starting the self-scouting process to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the players at their positions.

Meanwhile, Ted Thompson has apparently acknowledged one of the roster's weaknesses to at least one draft prospect. In an interview this week, Alabama linebacker Reggie Ragland gave Packers fans a rare glimpse into candid roster discussions between him and Packers personnel executives.

Finally, there is good news for Packers season ticket holders who are looking to re-sell or re-purpose their preseason tickets - the team is going to a variable pricing model this year, which will drop the prices for the "meaningless" August games.

Find all that and more in today's curds!

New RB coach eager to study Eddie Lacy's game film |
Ben Sirmans has not yet broken down the difference in Lacy's running over his three seasons, but that's job number one for the Packers' new running backs coach.

Packers adopt two-tier model for ticket prices |
Preseason tickets are now significantly less expensive than regular season tickets, and though prices overall are increasing by about $50 for the Green package, it should help with reselling preseason tickets.

Packers aide David Raih once left $100K salary for unpaid coach job - ESPN
Selling hip and knee implants apparently wasn't Raih's lifelong dream - instead, he left that job in LA to work as an intern for UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel, and he has gradually moved up through the coaching ranks ever since.

Reggie Ragland: If Packers could draft me, I think they would |
Ragland's comments shed some light into the Packers' self-scouting, as he said that they specifically mentioned that they "need an inside linebacker so they can move Clay (Matthews) back on the outside."

Jared Allen announced his retirement by actually riding off on a horse -
In typical Jared Allen fashion, he retired in clever, tongue-in-cheek fashion.