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A Farewell to Acme Packing Company.

Writing for Acme Packing Company has been a dream come true for me, but life is now about to disrupt my blogging in a way that makes continued writing here impractical.

Tom Lynn/Getty Images

I've been thinking about how to say this, and I would like to thank everyone for their constant support as I wrote here. I started the series history posts in 2011, borrowing the idea from something I saw at The Falcoholic. I thought that, given our team's unique history, a series based upon that history would be an excellent idea to bring to APC.

I continued the series through two head moderating changes, and through an extremely difficult period in my life which took place about a year ago. And despite those changes, and all the difficulty, I never gave up on writing here.

But now, I have to announce my departure from the writing staff of Acme Packing Company. I would not do this under normal circumstances, and I will be sure to stop by as often as I can. The circumstances are as follows. I have been accepted into the online Master's of Science in Accountancy program at the University of Phoenix, and it is impractical for me to continue writing for Acme Packing Company while I am studying. Furthermore, the timing is quick; I begin the program on February 16, or just about two-and-a-half weeks from now. My expected graduation date is in May 2017.

I would like to thank Brandon for giving me the opportunity to be a site author, and also thank Kevin and especially Tex for their continued support of me as I continued to write despite numerous life changes on my end. As I enter this new academic phase of my life, I will work on my new degree and begin my new career, but I will always think fondly of my time at Acme Packing Company. If I could have done anything differently, I would have written more and not taken time off in my series so we could have covered the Packers' history against every team.

Thanks, everyone, for always being there to talk about my articles, and thanks also for setting the record straight when I was wrong.

And I will stop by when I can to check in on the best Packers blog there is. GO PACK GO!!!