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Cheese Curds, 2/22: On the Super Bowl I broadcast and Jerry Kramer's ring

The first Super Bowl is in the news today, as one of the winners' rings was auctioned off for a good cause.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

49 years and a few weeks ago, the Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in the first Super Bowl. Just a few weeks back, fans of younger generations were able to see that game on television for the first time, thanks to NFL Films' painstaking reconstruction of the game broadcast from various sources.

However, as one might expect, there were some errors in that broadcast, which keen-eyed observers pointed out to the Packers' team historian. Check out today's curds below for the details of those discussions.

Speaking of Lombardi's Packers, one of the best players on those teams is in the news this week, but not because of his ongoing Hall of Fame snub. No, Jerry Kramer made some waves for auctioning off his ring from the first Super Bowl, which comes as a bit of a surprise, but he did so for a reason that we can certainly understand and respect.

Super Bowl I rebroadcast had its flaws |
Not only did the analysts fail to recognize a key difference between the traditional "Packers sweep" and a similar play run to the weak side, but it appears there were also some errors in splicing together some of the film, as footage from Super Bowl II may have made it into the broadcast.

Green Bay Packers legend Jerry Kramer's Super Bowl I ring auctioned | Green Bay Press-Gazette
Kramer is using the proceeds from the auction for a noble family-related cause - he is going to use them to set up a trust for his grandchildren's college education.

Former quarterback an unusual fit as Packers assistant offensive line coach |
David Raih does not have the look of an offensive lineman or a line coach, but Mike Solari's replacement has a great attitude: his goal is to make his players better, not make them his friends.

D.J. Reader representative of Packers' interest in D-linemen |
Last week we looked at Reader, a nose tackle prospect out of Clemson, as a potential mid-round Packers selection. Reader discussed his multiple meetings with the Packers at the Senior Bowl and the various questions that he received from them and other NFL teams.

Joique Bell says he turned down offer to stay with Lions, doesn't rule out future return |
Bell could be one of the better running back values on the free agent market this spring, but he apparently thinks he can do better than the restructured contract that Detroit offered him before cutting him last week.

NFL ponders changes to tests given at annual scouting combine | USA TODAY
The league and National Football Scouting Inc., who run the combine, have formed a committee to discuss potential changes to the event. It's possible (albeit unlikely) that this is the last year we see 40-yard dash times or some of the other physical drills in their current form.