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Cheese Curds, 2/24: Sean Richardson hasn't given up on his career

The Packers' safety wants to keep playing despite neck injuries.

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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL Scouting Combine has arrived, which is great news for those who enjoy the league's annual underwear Olympics. For those that prefer actual football, the event may not suffice.

Still, there's plenty of discussion surrounding the Green Bay Packers these days, including the future of one of their big(ger) signings from last offseason:

Packers safety Sean Richardson determined to play again | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Reports indicated that Sean Richardson would have to retire due to a new issue related to his neck fusion. However, Richardson doesn't believe his most recent setback has a direct connection to that procedure, and he doesn't have any increased risk of injury. Richardson signed a one-year, $2.55 million deal to stay with the Packers last offseason.

One bold move for every NFC team | ESPN

ESPN suggests that the Packers sign former Chicago running back Matt Forte, a popular idea among many fans. Adding Forte not only allows the team to hedge against Eddie Lacy not returning to form, but also provides the offense with an elite pass catcher coming out of the backfield.

Village Board set to review Packers' Titletown District preliminary site plan approval | Fox 11 News

The Packers' continued efforts to revamp the area around Lambeau Field passed another benchmark this week, as an Ashwaubenon Village committee approved the team's plans for renovating the land west of the stadium on a preliminary basis. That doesn't mean an issue couldn't arise in the future, but for now everything looks good.

Packers assistant coaches eager to work with stronger offense | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

The Packers' coaching staff went through plenty of changeover after the season, and the new assistants have plenty of work to do. Of the new hires, running backs coach Ben Sirmans should garner the most attention given how poorly Eddie Lacy performed last year on and off the field.