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Cardale Jones, large human being, not crazy about delivering big hits to defenders

At the Combine, Jones revealed one reason why he plays on the offensive side of the ball instead of on defense.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones is a very large human being. At the 2016 Scouting Combine on Thursday, Jones measured in at 6'5" and 253 pounds, and he became known as a powerful runner first and foremost before showing off his howitzer of a right arm over the last two seasons.

However, even though Jones has a knack for bowling over and through the defenders who have to try to tackle him when he is on the move, it does not sound like something he particularly enjoys. Acme Packing Company asked him if he enjoys handing out punishment to defenders, and here was his response:

Jones deserves credit for his honesty - apparently he is not going to shy away from running through people to get to where he needs to go, but it seems he would rather not do so if he can avoid it.