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Packers' Aaron Rodgers photobombs Common at the Oscars Opening Ceremony

That's just Aaron being Aaron.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Once a photobomber, always a photobomber - apparently. Aaron Rodgers' exploits popping up in the background of the Green Bay Packers' captains' photos are legendary, but he stepped up his game on Sunday night in Los Angeles.

The Packers' quarterback was on hand in LA for the Academy Awards, presumably accompanying girlfriend Olivia Munn. However, astute observers of one of the Oscars Opening Ceremony telecasts, which broadcast the meeting grounds for celebrities' arrivals on the red carpet, spotted Rodgers performing his work during an interview with rapper Common:

Please don't ever change, Aaron.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment was that he did not have a partner in crime - Matt Flynn or Scott Tolzien - joining him in the photobombing activities. Let's get Scotty or Brett Hundley an invite to the awards ceremony next year, Academy. Make it happen.