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Cheese Curds, 2/5: Remembering Willie Wood and the 1960s Packers

There are just two more days until the Super Bowl, and we'll spend them thinking about the ' titles.

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In the final edition of Cheese Curds before Super Bowl 50, we find that the Green Bay Packers of the 1960s are once again in the news. Those teams, which won five NFL Championships and two Super Bowls during that decade, are still held as the gold standard in the NFL.

Despite those five titles, head coach Vince Lombardi apparently believed that they could have won more. The 1960 and 1963 teams sandwiched back-to-back titles in '61 and '62, but those two who failed to bring home championships are mentioned in one of today's links. In addition, a Hall of Fame safety who played through that entire decade is profiled in sad fashion today - if he can't remember his own greatness, let's make sure we remember it for him.

Super Bowl teams demonstrate how Packers need help at tight end |
Broncos tight end Owen Daniels said that he "probably" would have ended up as a Packer in 2014 if he weren't coming off an injury. Apparently the Ravens weren't as concerned about his recovery from a hernia, as he signed with them. Also, we learn that Richard Rodgers played this season between 270 and 275 pounds instead of his listed 257.

High Five: Best Packers teams that didn't win an NFL title |
The 1963 team lost to just one opposing team, but the Bears beat them twice during the year when Paul Hornung was suspended. The 1960 squad gets mentioned too, after dominating the stats (but not the final score) in the NFL Championship Game.

Willie Wood Made the Most Memorable Play of Super Bowl I. He Has No Recollection. - The New York Times
Speaking of 1960s Packers legends, Wood's interception of Len Dawson was a major turning point in the game. Unfortunately, the great safety who never missed a game in his career now can't remember taking the field.

Packers just have to bite the bullet on Julius Peppers' contract |
In this argument, "bit the bullet" refers to paying Peppers, not cutting him.

3 Biggest Offseason Needs - Green Bay Packers | PFF
This should come as no surprise - PFF identifies the same major needs as we have: inside linebacker, tight end, and outside linebacker.

NFL Football Teams As Vehicles | CJ Pony Parts
Wondering what the Packers would be if they were a car? We have no disagreement with the choice here. We did get a good laugh out of the choices for the Bears and Lions, though.