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Cheese Curds, 3/11: Scouts' takes on Packers' free agents, Ted never called Trevathan

Ted Thompson didn't call one player rumored to be a Green Bay target, but he did lock up a linebacker for another year on Thursday.

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Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Friday marks day three of free agency, and with Thursday in the rear-view mirror we finally have a notable deal made by the Green Bay Packers. That deal, of course, is the re-signing of linebacker Nick Perry to a one-year deal, news of which broke yesterday evening.

While Perry returns, other Packers free agents are getting looks from other teams as they feel out their markets. In today's curds, we have comments from NFL scouts and executives on each of those players for you to absorb as you try to figure out if these players will be back in Green Bay.

Meanwhile, today sees another round of college Pro Days, with Ohio State being by far the biggest group of NFL talent of any of them. Keep an eye on the performances from Columbus throughout the day as well.

Finally, we expect to hear an announcement sometime today with the details of the compensatory picks for the 2016 NFL Draftreports Jason La Canfora. Stay tuned for news on that, as we still expect the Packers to pick up two extra fourth-round picks.

NFL scouts evaluate Packers' free agents |
This is what Bob McGinn does best - talk to scouts and get their takes on personnel. This piece looks at each of the Packers' free agents to try to assess contract values and what each player can bring both to Green Bay or to another team.

Danny Trevathan: Packers never called, 'Wish they would have' - ESPN
Unsurprisingly, this comment from the new Bears linebacker sent Twitter into another firestorm over Ted Thompson's inactivity. But isn't it possible that Thompson knew what Travathan's market would be like (over $6 million per year) and did not bother making a phone call if he knew he would not match that?

For Kevin Greene, picking Dom Capers as Hall presenter was easy choice - ESPN
Greene and Capers have been connected all the way back to their days together in Pittsburgh, when Capers coached and Greene rushed the passer. At least Capers will not have to fly out to Canton specially for the occasion - the Packers are in the Hall of Fame Game so he'll already be there.

Miami Dolphins sign C.J. Anderson to offer sheet -
Restricted Free Agency is fun! Now as for why the Broncos didn't pony up the extra $900k to at least ensure themselves a second-round pick as compensation for Anderson...that is something I cannot really understand.

Tashaun Gipson left Cleveland so he could 'start winning' ... with the Jaguars -
Oh, Cleveland.

Brock Osweiler's contract has Kirk Cousins, Matt Flynn going wild on Twitter - Mile High Report
If you didn't see Flynn's tweet about Osweiler's contract, it's well worth a read.

Prospect Primer: LB Joe Schobert, Wisconsin |
Here's a video preview of Schobert, with some highlights and comments from his Scouting Combine interview.