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Cheese Curds, 3/18: Running backs in the 2016 Draft and rules change proposals

With a veteran back in the fold, who should Green Bay look at during draft season to contribute to the running back group?

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RB C.J. Prosise runs at the 2016 Scouting Combine
RB C.J. Prosise runs at the 2016 Scouting Combine
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday, Green Bay Packers fans! Today started off with a bang, with the big news out of Green Bay this morning being that the Packers have agreed to a new contract with running back James Starks. That move keeps the running back stable intact and lessens the need for the team to draft a running back who can contribute immediately. However, this leaves the team with three on the roster, and it would be a surprise if Ted Thompson would not add at least one more through the draft or in the undrafted free agent signing period.

Meanwhile, the NFL is examining a series of rules changes proposals which will be discussed and voted on next week at the Owners' Meetings. One thing that apparently is not changing is the catch rule, which was discussed at length by a catch committee - Jordy Nelson was the only current player on that committee, but we may never learn what position he took on the rule.

2016 playing rules proposals -
At the NFL meetings next week, the league's Competition Committee will discuss 19 proposed rules changes. As usual, a few of these are reasonable, and a few are completely absurd.

The NFL is fine with its confusing catch rule -
One thing is missing from those proposals: anything involving the rule that defines what constitutes a catch. There are also all sorts of proposals dealing with what plays are reviewable, but don't expect that to change.

Green Bay Packers have to think about their 2017 free agents - ESPN
The Packers currently are projected to have around $45 million in cap space for 2017, assuming a $166 million salary cap, and with offensive linemen galore hitting free agency, they may need a lot of that room to keep the unit together.

Round-by-round ranking of 2016's best NFL RB prospects | Pro Football Focus
James Starks just agreed to a new contract, but it still would not be a shock to see the Packers draft a runner on day three of the draft. This writer in particular would be a fan of the Packers selecting C.J. Prosise or Kenyan Drake.

Lambeau's Notre Dame Box offense not a simple scheme |
Nor is it simple to explain the formation, as Cliff Christl goes into extensive detail on how the offense operated and the various positional designations.