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Cheese Curds, 3/21: Packers' Mark Murphy supports Thompson's free agency approach

Wish Ted Thompson's boss would fire him because of his inaction in free agency? Too bad.

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The Green Bay Packers have done business much the same this offseason as they have in the past. They do not get into bidding wars over free agents with other teams when their preferred price is exceeded, they tend to re-sign known quantities (i.e. their own free agents), and they build through the draft.

We have seen plenty of complaints on social media and elsewhere about this approach, and there have been numerous calls for Packers CEO and team president Mark Murphy to fire Thompson. Well, Murphy was interviewed over the weekend, and to those people wanting him to replace Ted, his responses can be summarized in two words: dream on.

Ted's not going anywhere, not if Murphy has anything to say about it - which of course he does.

On a more somber note, an NFL player died over the weekend as the result of a vehicle crash. Let's take a minute to send well wishes to his everyone affected by his passing today.

Murphy: Packers surprised by Raji's exit |
The Packers' CEO discusses B.J. Raji's abrupt departure from football and even notes that he thought the team and Raji had a deal in place.

Mark Murphy fine with Packers' free agent philosophy |
Don't count Murphy among the hordes of angry Packers fans clamoring for Ted Thompson to make an impact signing; Murphy says "I feel confident in our strategy that we're not going to overspend for players."

Jordy Nelson gives update on injured knee |
Nelson was at the NFLPA meetings last week and was asked about his knee, saying that he's "100 percent" and that the next step will be to start cutting and running routes.

Prospect Primer: OT Joe Haeg, North Dakota State |
Haeg blocked for top QB prospect Carson Wentz, and had to put on a lot of weight after coming to NDSU as a light freshman.

A waste of time for NFL to 'educate' fans on catch rule - ESPN
The position here is that it's far too late to try to teach the fans what is or is not a catch because their positions are now set in stone. Apparently this was the league's conclusion even after an "exorbitant amount of time" studying the rule.

Russell Okung the agent seems to have screwed Russell Okung the player -
This is essentially a one-year, $5 million deal, and the Broncos could cut Okung at any point between now and the end of the offseason program and owe him no money at all. It is all but guaranteed that they will not pick up his option for 2017, which would kick in $19.5 million in guaranteed money over the next two seasons.

Ravens' Tray Walker dies from injuries suffered in dirt bike crash -
Our condolences go out to Walker's family and the Baltimore Ravens.